Thursday, October 25, 2007

TracerMarker for Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair

If you have holes to match locate in aircraft structure you will find that the TracerMarker is the perfect tool for this application. These aircraft hole finders are easy to use. Simply stick the pilot in the existing hole, peel off the cover to expose the self-stick adhesive, and place the new part in the correct location. The TracerMarker will stick to the new part so you can easily mark a perfectly located hole before drilling.

This new aircraft tool saves time and money plus avoids errors in holes being incorrectly located. The low cost TracerMarker should be a product that every aircraft sheet metal mechanic has in their tool box.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Exporting RV Aircraft Tool Kits

Over the years Isham Inc. has exported many tools to our RV tool kit customers. Generally our shipping cost for an export RV tool kit is 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost compared to standard shipping methods.

In some cases special approvals are required by the importing country. These approvals include US Chamber of Commerce and foreign Embassy approvals for some countries. Whatever the requirements are we will work hard for our customers to obtain the proper approvals to make the importing of our RV tool kit to your country as seamless as possible.

Full details of the RV tool kit can be found at as well as your ability to obtain a shipping quote for an export kit.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RV Tool Kit Customer Comments

Isham Inc. believes that RV tool kit customer input is the key to maintaining the best customer service to make sure that the quality, price and customer service is the best in the world. This is why we post customer comments about our aircraft tools and tool kits on the web.

Many of our customers provide us with regular feedback so we can maintain the best RV tool kit available. We look forward to input from our customers and also those who are not our customers. Our goal is to maintain our position as the number one preferred supplier for RV tool kits.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Aerospace Cost Saving Tools

A new patented tool provides a significant cost savings to aerospace manufacturers, modification, completion and maintenance centers. The TracerMarker eliminates the need for the planning, design, fabrication, storage and use of shop aids used to locate holes in sheet metal parts.

The TracerMarker is a new hole locating tool that is simple to use to match an existing hole pattern in a part of structure of any aircraft. The steps to match holes are:

1. Place the TracerMarker in the holes that need to be copied.
2. Remove the backing to expose the self-stick adhesive surface.
3. Place the new part into position and press to cause the TracerMarker to adhere to the new part.
4. Remove the new part and tap each TracerMarker with a hammer which causes the marker to create a center punch hole in the new part.
5. Remove the TracerMarkers which reveals the center punch locations for drilling the holes in the new part.

The TracerMarker is available in several standards aerospace diameters. Additionally, the TracerMarker may be special ordered to specific size for unique applications.

This product is currently used by several aircraft modification companies, airlines and some United States Air Force maintenance centers. Studies are underway to make the TracerMarker a roto-bin item by some maintenance and modification facilities. The significant cost savings over the use of shop aids and special tools makes this product a great value for any facility that regularly replaces and repairs aircraft structure.

For more information contact Isham Inc. at

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

RV Tool Kit Sales

RV Tool Kit sales were down about 25% from 2006 attributed to lower sales of Van's Aircraft kits. Isham Inc. sales were consistent with sales of the airplane kits through the third quarter of 2007. In 2006 Isham Inc. exceeded 1/3 of total airplanes sold by Van's on their website tool kit offer at The tool kit sales have experienced steady increase in market share due to the higher quality of their tools, completeness of their aircraft tool kit and excellent customer service over competitor tool kits.

Isham Inc. also added new products in 2007, however, continues to focus their main business on the Van's RV airplane. An increase in market share is expected in 2007 over 2006 sales. This is largely because of the tight nit RV aircraft community forums and word-of-mouth recommendations from other RV aircraft builders.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Drill Bit Aircraft Tools

Aircraft drill bits are normally 6-inches long rather than jobber drills which are 2 - 3-inches. The reason aircraft drill bits are longer is to provide more control when drilling. The longer drill bits allow the operator to flex the bit in order to move it a small amount in any direction. This is important when drilling out rivets. The longer bit is much easier to move the bit to the center of the rivet.

Another advantage is that spring type drill stops are easier to install and adjust on the longer bits.

The Isham Inc. RV Aircraft Tool Kit includes the required range of 6-inch aircraft drill bits for building the Van's RV airplane. You may check out the complete tool kit at the link above.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

RV Aircraft Tool Kit 1/4-28 Threaded Angle Drill

About 15% of all RV Tool Kit buyers also purchase the 1/4-28 threaded bit air angle drill. This drill is a very high quality clone of the DOTCO angle drill. The head is about 1-inch deep so with a short drill bit installed one can get into an area with less than 2-inches of space to drill a hole.

The aircraft angle drill also has optional heads including a 45-degree head and an long 90-degree head for other hard to reach places.

This is a great addition to the RV Tool Kit, but many builder's find way to work-around the need for this type of drill. One method is to use the 12-inch extended drill bits and come at the hole from the opposite side.

Visit the RV Aircraft Tool site at for a full line of aircraft tool kits.

RV Tool Kit for building Van's Aircraft

The RV tool kit used by Mike on his RV-7 is the Isham full tool kit. Mike has done an excellent write up of the differences between RV tool kit providers and it will be worth your time to study this analysis. The Isham RV tool kit is available at and includes the DRDT-2 dimpler and the pneumatic squeezer.

In addition to doing a great job on the RV tool kit decision process, Mike has one of the best websites for building the RV-7 airplane. His attention to detail is great and this is probably one of the best websites for a new builder to visit.

For the very best RV tool kit study Mike's analysis and visit the aircraft tool website at for more information.

Good luck on choosing your RV tool kit.