Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Aerospace Cost Saving Tools

A new patented tool provides a significant cost savings to aerospace manufacturers, modification, completion and maintenance centers. The TracerMarker eliminates the need for the planning, design, fabrication, storage and use of shop aids used to locate holes in sheet metal parts.

The TracerMarker is a new hole locating tool that is simple to use to match an existing hole pattern in a part of structure of any aircraft. The steps to match holes are:

1. Place the TracerMarker in the holes that need to be copied.
2. Remove the backing to expose the self-stick adhesive surface.
3. Place the new part into position and press to cause the TracerMarker to adhere to the new part.
4. Remove the new part and tap each TracerMarker with a hammer which causes the marker to create a center punch hole in the new part.
5. Remove the TracerMarkers which reveals the center punch locations for drilling the holes in the new part.

The TracerMarker is available in several standards aerospace diameters. Additionally, the TracerMarker may be special ordered to specific size for unique applications.

This product is currently used by several aircraft modification companies, airlines and some United States Air Force maintenance centers. Studies are underway to make the TracerMarker a roto-bin item by some maintenance and modification facilities. The significant cost savings over the use of shop aids and special tools makes this product a great value for any facility that regularly replaces and repairs aircraft structure.

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