Thursday, December 08, 2005

Who uses a C-Frame to rivet?

An "old timer" asked me why he needed a C-Frame to rivet? I could not give him a straight answer -- because you don't. Anyone that works in aircraft sheet metal knows that flush rivets are best driven with a rivet gun, flush rivet set and bucking bar. The only place a C-Frame riveter could be used is for back-riveting -- and only then if the person doing the riveting is not capable of holding a rivet gun with a back-rivet set straight up and down.

Anyone that can rivet with a rivet gun will be able to do back-riveting without a C-Frame. This "back-to-basics" approach will provide the nicest quality and will be faster than using a tool that really is not required.

My point, in case you are wondering, is that you can use a DRDT-2 dimpler for all of your dimpling and you don't need to worry if you do not have a conventional C-Frame for riveting -- because you don't need it -- and you don't want it. You will do a better job without it! But, for someone that sells aircraft tools, if you want it you can still buy it. We have several collecting dust on our shelves!